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Alexander J. Kahn, RA

Alexander had begun his architectural career while still attending his bachelor degree program at SUNY Farmingdale. He had walked into Gary Pedersen Architect’s office looking for at least a summer internship to start gathering experience in the field, and had talked his way into a position that wasn’t even currently available. Gary helped mentor Alexander with multiple residential and commercial projects. With each passing project, Alexander gained vast amounts of knowledge to be able to eventually put together projects in an efficient manner independently. He worked on projects from small additions, up to large new two story houses.

Alexander found a construction managing firm in Oyster Bay for his second firm. Here he learned how to put drawings together for Local Law 11 buildings that were being restored. This firm mostly dealt with restoration work, and it also helped Alexander understand construction managing methods. He worked closely with the construction managers, and learned how to research materials and methods, and observed various construction methods in the field.

Alexander decided he needed to return to another firm to expand his knowledge of the architecture & design process. He found a firm that was just perfect for him working on townhouses but most importantly, large commercial projects. Having much of his residential experience completed, Alexander was eager to begin learning about commercial buildings. He got to work on two large residential apartment complexes, and a six story hotel. Alexander learned a great amount in a short period of time.

After finishing his IDP hours, Alexander was ready to start taking his ARE 4.0 exams. He studied hard for each exam and slowly passed one by one, finally passed all 7 divisions within 8 months. He waited upon the states approval of his experience, education, and ARE Exams.

One month later, he was a licensed Architect, ready to begin his very own practice, Architectural Kahnceptions, PLLC.

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